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Product Information

Our decals will stick to most walls. Smooth surfaces are ideal, but the decals can be installed on most textured walls with some patience. We have noticed that some walls painted with VOC FREE paints are not compatible with the vinyl regardless of the wall texture.

Unless it is stated in the product description, you cannot move and re-use the decals. The decals will still retain their stickiness, but when you remove the decal it will not retain its shape and detail.

All of our decals come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and a free test decal. Some of the larger decals may come in sections that will seamlessly overlap to make it look like one large decal. For larger decal installations, we recommend the help of another person to make installation easier.

Very easy! All you have to do is start at one corner and gently peel off the wall - preferably at a 120 degree angle or greater using a smooth, consistent force. Decals with a lot of lettering or individual pieces may be time consuming to remove. We suggest using a piece of tape to help speed up the process. Painter's tape would be ideal. First, test the tape on an inconspicuous spot on the wall to be sure it doesn't peel off your paint. Once confirmed, press a piece of tape on the edge of your decal and lift. 

Depending on the age/condition of the walls, some paint touch-ups may be required, but not usually.

The sooner the better. The vinyl is rated to last years once installed, but the application tape that is used transfer your decal has a shorter lifespan. We suggest you install the decal within 3 months. If you plan on installing the decal later than 3 months after you received it, we cannot guarantee it will transfer properly. To help elongate the decals life, store the un-applied decal in a cool dark dry place that does not have drastic temperature changes. If the decal is exposed to high heat, direct sunlight or freezing temperatures the chance for failure is increased.

No. We recommend waiting at least 2 weeks until installation. If the paint is not completely dry, you risk damaging your walls and peeling off the paint.

As long as the walls were properly prepped and painted, decals should not damage your paint. If you are painting your walls, we do suggest that you prime your walls before you paint them. CreateSA cannot be held responsible/liable for any damages to walls.

It is possible, but we suggest you cut the decal where the corners meet. Otherwise, the vinyl may have a tendency to want to lift. If you cannot cut at the corner, you can try to use a little heat on the corner after the decal is installed to make the vinyl a little more pliable. Just be sure not to use too much heat as it can damage the vinyl.

Order Information

Our team needs 1-2 business days to pack and ship your full order. For larger items, we ask that you allow 3-4 business days. Orders placed after 1:00 pm on Friday — or over the weekend — will ship on the next business day.

We ship to any physical address in South Africa.

Please contact us by emailing, we will gladly be able to assist you with any questions relating to orders, order modifications, shipping, returns, & cancellations.